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Welcome to Riverside Redesign, a professional home staging and redesign firm serving Chicagoland homeowners, Realtors and residential property developers.

Today’s savvy home/condo buyer is looking for quality, style, and a smart investment. Time after time buyers will walk into a home that is perfect for them, but they are unable to see it as their own. At Riverside Redesign, our goal is to showcase your home to its maximum potential so prospective buyers will want to make it their next home.

Utilizing our knowledge and expertise in staging and redesigning properties, potential buyers will be able to imagine how they will enjoy living in your home. No property is too small not to benefit from being staged for sale. You want someone to walk into your home and say “This place is wonderful. I really see myself living here. I’d like to buy it!”

You want to get the highest price possible for your home/condo in the least amount of days on the market. Let Riverside Redesign show you how staging can directly impact how well your home could perform in today’s challenging real estate marketplace.